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MERCOLEDI' 4                                                  

Il linguaggio: educazione libera

h 11:00-14:00. Performance, , because it's better

WEDNESDAY 4                                                     

The language: free education

h 11:00am-2:00pm. Performance, , because it's better


Dal mondo: segni di resistenza e libertà

h 11:30 -11:45. Video, Memoriale per le donne


From the world: signs of resistance and freedom

h 11:30am-11:45. Video, Memorial for the women

, because it's better - 2019.jpg

, because it’s better 


Every sentence, every argument, every hit, every pinch, every threat ended with the three words : “, because it’s better.”. For 1,5 years I was in an abusive relationship. My body and my mind got controlled by the Other. I lived in fear every day and was a hostage in my own home, in my own body and in my own mind. 


For three hours straight I will relive those 1,5 years. For three hours straight I will freeze myself once again. For three hours straight I will be pouring litres of yogurt over my own body. Yogurt has gone through a process of fermentation; a process where oxygen is being left out and mold is being created. My inner and outer body also went through this fermenting change. It felt like I couldn’t choose to breath anymore, my body was acing more and more every day. 


The ritual of pouring the yogurt, is a recap but also a new healing process. Back in the days they used yogurt as they believed that yogurt could heal the children who were ill and nowadays we use types of yogurt as a reference to soften and taking care for the skin/the body. This idea goes also way back to Cleopatra who used to take milkbaths in a way that she believed this was beneficial for her beauty and to keep her young. 


By this performance I want to make a statement that my body is not for sell. I am not an object. I am a human being who got stuck in desire, love and abuse. I am allowed to breath again.


For this performance I am using soy yogurt to not interfere with the exploitation of animals.


Memoriale per la donne / Wolfwomen 


Performance, 30 minutes

“We are all filled with a longing for the wild.”, is a quote from the book ‘Women Who Run With Wolves’ (1992) by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. A book about The Wild Woman, a strong woman who is connected with her inner strength. 


I want to dedicate this performance to women all over the world. From every age, from every race, from every body and from every story. I believe that every woman withholds an inner strength. A strength that embraces their inner mother, carer, artist, teacher, beauty, being, creator…


In a public space/square nearby the MACRO Museum, I will create a ‘live-memorial’. I invite the bystanders to join me in/create with me an alive ‘still-life/monument’. The group will be embracing, sitting, standing, holding hands etc. And it will last for at least 30 minutes. 


A video documentary will be presented during the Nothing To Sell-event.

Ciao a tutti, 

My name is Melanie Maria and I am also participating at Nothing To Sell. I am a Dutch performance artist, recently graduated from Bachelor Fine Art (BEAR) at ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem in The Netherlands. Before Fine Art I studied Dance in Amsterdam. During my studies I started to insert my love for movement and the physical presence of the body in my art. Therefore I found performance art. 

In my work I am interested in the individual and the collective, in an emotional matter. I believe that whereas I feel a desire to share, that we all feel this desire. I embody this desire and somehow ‘loss’ in the physicalty and time of my performances, but also in the relation with the (public) space and spectator. 

I will present two performances during Nothing To Sell. One performance I want to dedicate to all women. Memoriale per le donne will be a performance of 30 minutes in Villa Borghese Park where I want to create a memorial for women in the public space. I want to ask women walking by to participate to create a living sculpture/memorial to address the strong and beautiful humans who we are. 

For this performance I would like to invite you to join me, since I would love to include all participants for this memorial. As a group of women we gather at Villa Borghese Park and will ask bystanders to join us in creating a live sculpture for 30 minutes. I am interested to see what we could accomplish all together. I do also not speak Italian, so any help with communication is also appreciated.

At the final day of Nothing To Sell a video of the performance will be shown. I will film it with my phone, but since I am also recruiting women – it will be awesome if there is someone who would like to help film the recruiting and the performance on itself. 

This will all happen on:

Thursday 5th of September
10:15-10:30 gather at MACRO museum
10:30-11:00 walk towards Villa Borghese Park and gather women
11:00-11:30 performance
11:30-11:35 end

You are free to join whenever you want, but it would be nice if you can let me know on beforehand if you want to participate – for the security that I know who to wait for. If you want to participate, please contact me via e-mail: , FB-message: or WhatsApp/textmessage: +316 48 05 41 07.

Grazie mille! Looking forward to meet and see you all.




Melanie Maria (born 1993 in Haarlem, The Netherlands) is a visual artist and a director/choreographer, mainly working in the domain of performance, installation and sculpture.


Melanie Maria is interested in the individual and the collective. How we are all an individual, but also part of a collective. Yes, we are human beings surrounded by human beings, but besides this she believes that what we feel, or what we are longing for is also collective.
     We are all longing for an emotional connection with the other, but we are mostly disconnected with ourselves because we ‘miss’. 


Melanie Maria sees her performances as interventions. The spectators switch between being the audience, becoming participants and sometimes they even become the performer themselves, by inviting them to come close to the artwork and/or placing it in the public space.
     Connection-disconnection and individual-collective is embodied in her work by the use of alive human bodies (performers and spectators), repetition within visual elements and/or movement, recognizable movements and every-day gestures. 

Melanie Maria graduated in July 2019 at the Base for Experiment, Art and Research/Fine Art department and she lives and works in Arnhem, the Netherlands.

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